Flexible Childcare

Flexible Childcare

For children 3 to 5 years

Our Flexible Childcare is offered:

Monday to Friday from 9-1pm and 1-5pm

This fully licensed drop-in program offers you peace of mind knowing your child is enjoying the many benefits of preschool activities and having fun. Flexible Childcare can provide you with a much-needed break or with an opportunity to focus on other responsibilities.



At With Our Own Two Hands Flexible Childcare and Activity Centre

We offer a Flexible Registration option. This allows you to choose and customize your days of attendance at the beginning of each month. We also offer the option of booking on a weekly or daily basis.

At the beginning of each month you have the option of purchasing 24, 32, or 40 hours of learning. These hours can then be used to register your child on the days of attendance you desire for the month. This flexibility in customizing your days allows you to choose month to month a schedule that works for you.



Daily explorations

Where children spend time outdoors exploring and discovering the world around them. We see the environment as an important teacher in a child’s educational experience. Through nature-based play and outdoor exploration, children are encouraged to engage in the world around them and develop a respect for all life. Outdoor play time and physical activity is a significant part of our program.

Children are encouraged to partake in cooperative games, to be physically active, and to get their hands full of dirt in our garden. Our beautiful garden is a peaceful place full of life. Children will have the opportunity to learn gardening skills and grow their own flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables to take home. Our garden is filled with opportunities to forage, nibble little bits of bliss here and there, tuck in seedlings, get dirty, and make friends with the birds and worms that share our outdoor space.


Daily creative play

Where children have available a fun and engaging classroom environment encouraging imaginative development , positive peer interactions, and open enden play.


Daily art classes

Where children are taught art techniques and are given the opportunity to create their own unique pieces and express themselves through various art mediums, such as painting, sculpting, drawing, building, and more.


Weekly music classes,

Where children play with musical instruments, sing, learn basic music theory, and find expression through rhythm, sound, and song.


Weekly yoga and movement classes

Where children enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Through exercise, relaxation, and mindfulness, children engage in a noncompetitive physical activity that encourages self-esteem and body awareness. Our yoga classes are held at With Our Own Little Hearts Yoga Studio in Steveston Village.


Weekly academic classes

Where children engage in academic concepts and lessons such as writing, reading, math, and more. Instructors work with children in smaller groups in order to maximize the learning and development of these academic skills. These classes are meant to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten.


Weekly language classes

Where children learn French, Mandarin, and Japanese. Children will explore and learn the language of choice through games, art, interaction, lessons, songs, and more. Studies have shown that acquiring a foreign language at a young age has great cognitive benefits and creates flexibility and creativity in learning.