Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are designed to be inclusive and accessible to all children. Children receive enormous benefits from yoga. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, develop flexibility, strength, coordination, concentration, and a sense of relaxation. Their body awareness improves and they connect more deeply with their inner self, increasing self esteem. Yoga is a non competitive form of activity that encourages  compassion and cooperation. 


Saturday Yoga with Josephine Chan!

Our next session of yoga classes starts  Nov 17 – Dec 8th, 2018 (every Saturday!)

Preschool Yoga (Ages 3-5)        9:30 – 10:15 am

Preschool Yoga looks nothing like adult yoga! We incorporate songs, stories, games, and lots

of noise making (otherwise known as breath work) and mindful practices to play yoga! In

order to prioritize the strengthening of relationships, class sizes are intentionally kept small,

and pre-registration is required.

Pre-registration required $68 (4 sessions)

No Drop-In’s unless otherwise arranged.

Mom & Baby           10:30 – 11:30 am

Join us for a bonding experience with your baby while connecting back to your body and

increasing activity, flexibility, mindfulness and strength. Foster a feeling of community with

other mothers, connect with your baby through song and fun poses, and take the time you

need to re-centre yourself in the midst of all the busyness of parenting.

Pre-registration $80 (4 Sessions) Drop-In $25

Parent & Tot          11:45 – 12:30pm

A cross between a parenting workshop and a Family Yoga class for parents and their toddlers

under age 3. The intention for this workshop series is to play yoga while practicing skills for

navigating and honouring this new stage of your child’s life. From understanding toddler

independence to styles of communication, this class utilizes yoga, art, song and dance to

allow parents to maintain secure attachments, set healthy boundaries while following your

child’s lead.

$120 per family (4 sessions, no family is too large)

Nature Classes

Studies have shown that gardening not only improves fine and gross motor skills, but that it is therapeutic for all ages. In our gardening class, children will learn gardening skills and grow their own flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables to take home. Our garden is filled with opportunities to forage, nibble little bits of bliss here and there, tuck in seedlings, get dirty, and make friends with the birds and worms that share our garden. During our gardening class, children will also learn about sustainability, the importance of taking care of our environment, and develop a connection with nature. Our gardening classes will run throughout the spring and summer.  


During the fall and winter, we will continue having our Nature classes, which will explore various environmental issues and include fun and significant projects for children to take part in. Examples of topics and projects we offer include: Making environment and human friendly bath products, soap making, sewing, waterr consumption and making our own shower timers, Using herbs for healing, and more. 

Language Classes

These classes run as 4week programs, with a weekly class led by an experienced instructor in the language of choice. The language classes that we currently offer are French and Mandarin. Children will be immersed in an hour long lesson each week and will explore and learn the language of choice through games, interaction, lessons, songs, cultural traditions, exercises, and more. Studies have shown that acquiring a foreign language at a young age has great cognitive benefits and creates flexibility and creativity in learning.  

Art/Music/Creative Expression

Art Expressions

Art Expressions is a fun, creative, and therapeutic class where children are given an array of art supplies to create their own masterpiece with. Learn to draw, paint, sculpt, build, and more, while expressing yourself through art!


Exploring Feelings

This is a fun and interactive art group for pre-school aged children to  exploring their feelings. Children, ages 2-5, are welcome to join art therapist Jessica in a unique approach to expanding their emotional vocabulary. Each week a different feeling will be explained through experiential art, movement and storytelling.


Les Petits Artistes / Les Artistes

Les Artistes and Les Petits Artistes is a wonderful art class led in French that explores French artists and language through art projects utilizing a variety of mixed media, paints, and clay. Children will develop their creativity, explore different artists' techniques, learn about the artists behind French art pieces, create their own original masterpieces, all while learning and practicing French!



Check in with us about our many workshops to learn how to sew, make soap, needle felt, garden, and participate in fun and creative projects!

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