Our Team of Teachers

Jana - Director

Jana grew up in Czech Republic surrounded by nature. Hiking in a forest or planting potatoes in the garden were an ordinary day for her and with time she developed a passion for organic and holistic living.

Jana has a bachelor degree, she studied Russian and English languages. She went to Omsk, Russia for an internship, where she taught English at high school. She used to spent her summers babysitting children in Europe and the USA. Jana emigrated to Canada in 2011, thanks to her husband George, with whom she has two boys ages 6 and 4. Her and her family have been living in Steveston ever since and are big part of the community. She's very well known in Steveston as a local mom. 

18 years ago, she attended her first yoga class and since then yoga became part of her life. Jana is a certified yoga teacher and trained in prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga. 

Growing up in Europe and being a mother of 2, education is very important to her and would like to provide children with the best. She believes that strong connection to nature, supporting children's natural curiosity and love for learning, studying different languages, cultures, practising yoga, kindness and mindfulness towards other beings are the pillars in early childhood education. It gives children the base for their continuous life of learning. 

Nicole - Founder

Nicole has been working with children her whole life and opened With Our Own Two Hands as a place where children could grow, play, and learn in a holistic and peaceful environment. Nicole's passion is to instill in children a love for the world and all the creatures that share it. 

Nicole believes that when children get to play outdoors and explore their environments, they develop a natural wonder and passion for learning that exceeds what is learnt from simply completing a worksheet. Nicole completed a Bachelor in Psychology majoring in Child Development and went on to work for the Vancouver School Board. Her experience at numerous schools, led her to see that many children lack a connection with the material they are learning, but show great interest and learning when they are taught through hands-on activities and lessons. A project growing tomatoes in the classroom soon led to learning about plant cycles, insects, photosynthesis, and much more that couldn't have been expressed through a textbook. Through her  experience working with children, Nicole realized that adding elements of music, movement, stretching, art, gardening, dance, and yoga to the day, helped to increase concentration, self-esteem, cooperation, friendship, and learning. She opened With Our Own Two Hands to be a place where children could take part in these fun activities and grow and learn through them.  Nicole is also a certified Yoga Teacher who has been teaching children, families, expecting and new moms, and adults in the Richmond community for over 10 years.

Georgina - Manager and Early Childhood Educator MONCTON

Georgina has been working with children in a variety of different settings for over ten years. She has worked closely with families in a number of different programs including UBC Childcare Services, Vancouver Child Study Center, BC Children’s Hospital, Family Preservation Services, and as an au-pair and nanny in private homes. Originally from England, she has lived in Australia and loves to travel! Her other interests include photography, reading and writing, and playing fetch at the beach with her teeny tiny Yorkshire terrier!

Natasha - Creative Director and Early Childhood Educator MONCTON

Ever since Natasha was a little girl, she has always wanted to be a teacher. She started her journey a couple years ago when a friend of hers  told her about the ECE field. She had finally found her calling. She started out volunteering with a preschool, which led to her first job as a preschool teacher. As an early childhood educator, she strives to bring her creativity, kindness and bubbliness to the field. She's a strong believer in play-based learning, hands on experience and allowing children to tell us what they want to learn. She hopes to build resilient, strong, independent children who can think for themselves and stand up for their beliefs. She lovse incorporating nature and the environment into projects. She was raised in Steveston and  went to Westwind elementary and Steveston-London secondary. She LOVES dogs, art, food, camping and being in the great outdoors.

Lisa - Creative Director and Early Childhood Educator CHATHAM

Lisa began her career in Early Childhood Education 30 years ago, and has worked with infants, toddlers, in an integrated preschool and in parent participation. Lisa has completed her ECE, Infant and Toddler, and Special Needs certificate.

She brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge and is always eager to learn new things.  She loves to create an environment where children can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them.  

She has a tween daughter and a teenage son, who both are active in various sports activities.  She enjoys Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, knitting and neighborhood walks with the family dog…Deogi.

Vanessa - Manager, Early Childhood Educator and Mandarin Teacher MONCTON & CHATHAM

Vanessa is the mother of two children. She loves teaching and motivating children. She has over five years of experience working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children. She believes in positive parenting and learning through play for young children. Her goal is to provide a high quality of care and an enriching environment for children to thrive in. Working with all the children and families at With Our Own Two Hands brings her great joy. She feels privileged to be a part of this amazing team of teachers and to facilitate growth and success in children. Outside of school, she loves spending time with her family, reading and volunteering. 

Erika - Preschool Teacher and Japanese Instructor CHATHAM

Erika's passion for teaching began as a mother. She finds joy in witnessing a child learn something new. Erika's goal is to make sure that each child receives the best care and love that they all deserve. During Japanese Language lessons, Erika leads sushi making, teaches about Japanese culture, and introduces children to the language though songs, art, and games. In her spare time, Erika likes to spend time drawing, gardening, and exploring new places, creating art, and doing science projects with her children. Erika has also worked with children as a hairstylist for 14 years. 

Michele - Preschool Teacher MONCTON

Michele is excited to be working at With Our Own Two Hands Preschool as an Early Childhood Education Assistant. As a new mom to a 17-month-old boy, she is busy in the world of toddlerhood while studying to complete her ECE certificate. Michele holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is eager to add to her knowledge and experience working with children in a preschool. When Michele is not trying to keep one step ahead of her son, she enjoys reading and being in nature with her family.

Sophie - Preschool Teacher CHATHAM

Anne-Sophie was born and raised in Quebec. She speaks fluently in both English and French. She worked as a nanny for numerous families in the past. Her passion for the travel industry along with her curiosity in culture has steered her to be successful in her flight attendant career. She truly believes that exploring what the world has to offer is the best way to learn and grow. Anne-Sophie loves being around children and being surrounded by so much positivity and creativity. She likes to provide an environment where the children can feel loved and supported in whatever they want to achieve. Nothing makes Anne-Sophie happier than seeing the pride in the children eyes when they learn new things. In her spare time she loves working out, chasing sunsets, drawing and spending quality with her friends 

Jorielle - Support Worker MONCTON

Jorielle has been working with children since high school. She began with babysitting her cousins to becoming a birthday party leader! During her final year in high school, she realized how much she gravitated to children and the art of teaching. She hopes that she will be able to impact children's lives in big or small ways by instilling a passion for learning about the world around them. One of Jorielle's long-term goals as a teacher is to influence children to take better care of nature and the environment for a more sustainable future. Jorielle is currently a 4th year student at UBC. She plans to obtain a Bachelor of Education in hopes of becoming an Elementary school teacher. Aside from academics, Jorielle loves to spend her spare time cuddling with her cats, taking care of her plants, embroidering, painting, scrapbooking, and ultimately keeping her creativity alive! 

Marie - Japanese Instructor MONCTON

Marie is the mother of two children who is actively involved in the Japanese community in Richmond. She enjoys leading the children's programs and circle time at the Japanese play circle “Takarajima” in Steveston, as well as participating in a number of Japanese cultural events for the community. It is through songs and fun activities that Marie teaches the Japanese language and leads students. It is also her passion that students get to know Japanese culture, especially since Steveston has a strong connection with Japanese history and community.   

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