Flexible Toddler Time

For children 18 to 36 months 

A toddler's upmost need is autonomy. During this stage they learn how to explore, they discover their will, make their first decisions and start to build their identity. The goal of our program is to develop an intellectual curiosity in our toddlers that will follow them throughout their lives. Our Toddler Time is a Reggio-based, explorative program  where children have many possibilities to engage and inquire about the world around them.

Our Flexible Toddler Program is offered

 Monday to Friday from 9-11am, 11-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm. 


At With Our Own Two Hands we provide children with abundant opportunities for learning and growth. In our Reggio-inspired environment, the materials are carefully selected for their potential to enhance learning and discovery.

Our program offers children the opportunity to:

- Explore an environment that encourages investigation, imagination, curiocity

and experimentation.

- Discover the wonder of the natural world though sand, water, gardening and

natural materials.

- Learn how to build relationships with other children through shared experiences

and negotiated play.

- Embark on a journey into self-discovery, wonder and creativity.

- Grow in a curriculum that is centered around social/emotional wellbeing and

heart/mind education.  

- Experience a wide range of expressive media such as painting, clay, light and

shadow, collage, and exploration of nature-based art materials.

- Partake in musical discovery sessions that include rhythm, movement, and an

introduction to a variety of instruments.

- Develop body awareness, relaxation, and strengthen gross motor skills in our toddler yoga and dance sessions. 

- Engage in imaginative and open ended play that strengthens communication skills, vocabulary, and interpersonal relationships.

- Practice mindfulness and self-regulation in an environment that encourages kindness, cooperation, and shared happiness.


At With Our Own Two Hands Flexible Childcare and Activity Centre

We offer a Flexible Registration option. This allows you to choose and

customize your days of attendance at the beginning of each month. We

also offer the option of booking on a weekly or daily basis. 

At the beginning of each month you have the option of purchasing  

24, 32, or 40 hours of learning. These hours can then be used to

register your child on the days of attendance you desire for the month.

This flexibility in customizing your days allows you to choose month

to month a schedule that works for you.